This is the video series that started it all. It's showing its age a bit these days, but it's still worth watching. I hope to redo this series and bring it up to date. It wasn't originally designed as an actual piece to learn -- it was simply a collection of individual videos covering different concepts when playing this kind of groove. The last video (the tune itself) was actually an improvisation.

There are two different versions of sheet music - one is the original collection of licks and patterns (not a real 'tune') and the other is a transcription of the final improvisation. Use whichever gives you the most benefit.


Sheet Music

Audio Files


Part 1: Overview


Part 2: Lead-In Melody Line

Tutorial of the lead-in

Part 3: Bass Lines

Tutorial of Bass Parts

Part 4: Right-hand comping

Tutorial of techniques for right-hand comping

Part 5: More right-hand comping patterns

Additional patterns to use with your right hand

Part 6: Stab Breaks

A technique to pop out a 'stab break' to break up a groove

Part 7: Hangs

Suspend the groove temporarily and hang on a leading chord

Part 8: Bass Octaves

Add power and strength to bass parts by using octave doubling

Part 9: Alternate Riffs

Change things up with a completely different groove pattern

Part 10: Stops and Glissandos

Some techniques to add color to your grooves

Part 11: Tremolo

A handy technique to throw in here and there

Part 12: Double Stops

Add additional notes to your solo licks for a cool sound

Part 13: Involving your left hand in solo patterns

A nasty lick with a left-hand helper

Part 14: Rolling Blues Chords

Use this blues technique to add some flash to your funk grooves

Part 15: Accent Notes

An extra little ornamentation here and there can add a lot of style

Part 16: Aggressive Riff Variation

Change things up in the basic groove

Part 17: Another Aggressive Riff Variation

Another variation to spice things up

Part 18: Putting it all together

Let's hear an improve using most of these techniques!