Another early (2008) video tutorial originally done for Expert Village. This is a collection of thirty different blues licks ranging from beginning through advanced. The videos show the licks in C, but you can download sheet music which has the licks in nearly all keys.

These videos don't really need to be watched in any particular order. Each video has a different lick. The first ten are 'easy', the middle ten are 'intermediate' and the last ten are a bit harder.


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Part 1: Introduction

A quick overview of the series

Part 2: Lick 1 - Easy

A nice basic starting point.

Part 3: Lick 2 - Easy

A minor variation on the previous lick

Part 4: Lick 3 - Easy

Alternate a top chord with some bottom pedal tones.

Part 5: Lick 4 - Easy

A classic easy lick with first use of the tritone.

Part 6: Lick 5 - Easy

Similar to lick 3, another alternating pedal tone lick

Part 7: Lick 6 - Easy

Your basic octave tremolo

Part 8: Lick 7 - Easy

Standard grace notes into tremolo between 5 and dominant 7th pitches

Part 9: Lick 8 - Easy

A nice little stabby grace-note lick with the tritone

Part 10: Lick 9 - Easy

A tasty little use of some octaves in the right place.

Part 11: Lick 10 - Easy

This last 'easy' lick has a little tricky turn at the end

Part 12: Lick 11 - Intermediate

The first intermediate lick brings in some double-stops and a more difficult variation on the turn in lick 10

Part 13: Lick 12 - Intermediate

A more advanced version of lick 4, its another classic using triplets

Part 14: Lick 13 - Intermediate

The standard blues hammer triplet lick

Part 15: Lick 14 - Intermediate

A slightly jazzy lick here using swung eighths

Part 16: Lick 15 - Intermediate

Another variation on a rising up lick with some double stops

Part 17: Lick 16 - Intermediate

A classic sounding blues lick with a roller at the end

Part 18: Lick 17 - Intermediate

A classic blues roller

Part 19: Lick 18 - Intermediate

You'll need some chops on this verging-on-advanced triplet lick

Part 20: Lick 19 - Intermediate

Some descending sixth tremolos into a punchy triplet ending

Part 21: Lick 20 - Intermediate

The last intermediate lick has a quick little turn

Part 22: Lick 21 - Advanced

Straight rapid fire triplets with a few grace notes to style it up

Part 23: Lick 22 - Advanced

Everything about the previous lick but with some extra double-stops thrown in

Part 24: Lick 23 - Advanced

A series of descending blues rollers

Part 25: Lick 24 - Advanced

A nasty rapid fire triplet lick with extra speedy ornaments thrown in

Part 26: Lick 25 - Advanced

Slightly easier, but a quick turn in the middle keeps it in the advanced column

Part 27: Lick 26 - Advanced

Again, the fast ornaments are what make this lick a little tricky

Part 28: Lick 27 - Advanced

Straight-up jazz here with a bebop lick thrown in for good measure

Part 29: Lick 28 - Advanced

A fast repeating triplet pattern using the tritone

Part 30: Lick 29 - Advanced

While not complicated, these big chords take a lot of hand strength to keep going for long

Part 31: Lick 30 - Advanced

Hear a two-chorus solo using many of the licks in this series

Part 32: Putting it all together

Hear a two-chorus solo using many of the licks in this series