UH-OH. :-( These videos were done well over 10 years ago, for another company, and they've finally decided to take them down, so they're not available anymore. As they were done for another company, they own the original videos. However, I own the content itself, and am planning to recreate this tutorial in an all-new updated version, so subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep an eye out for these!

Another early (2008) video tutorial originally done for Expert Village. This is a collection of thirty different blues licks ranging from beginning through advanced. The videos show the licks in C, but you can download sheet music which has the licks in nearly all keys.

These videos don't really need to be watched in any particular order. Each video has a different lick. The first ten are 'easy', the middle ten are 'intermediate' and the last ten are a bit harder.


Sheet Music

Audio Files

MIDI Files