This funk groove will give your fingers a nice workout! This groove is firmly in the advanced category. I originally wrote this to be played over a rolling cajun groove, such as the MIDI file provided, but it also works fine over a straight-up funk groove. Some people can only handle so much snare drum in one sitting! If you can get this one under your fingers, it’s impressive!

I had some fun creating a separate remixed video version of this with a bit of live guitar, some hammond organ patches and a wailing crybaby keytar lead part. Be sure to check it out at the end!


Sheet Music

MIDI Files


Part One

Introduction and performance of full tune

Part Two

Tutorial of intro lick and opening groove

Part Three

Tutorial of A section (Main Melody)

Part Four

Tutorial of the bridge

Part Five

Tutorial of the chords transition section

Part Six

Tutorial of the first half of the breakdown

Part Seven

Tutorial of the second half of the breakdown

Crybaby Remix

Performance remix with keytar solos!