This groove was written around the same time as #3 in G (and the numbering on them is suspicious – at one time, the one in G was #2 as you’ll see on the old sheet music, but I actually think I wrote this slightly before that one). Of all my tutorials and videos, I think its the one that people seem to like the most. The way it builds from a nice simple groove at the beginning to a frothing chops-fest seems to get people excited. I intend to make a full up-to-date tutorial of this one with updated sheet music, better backing tracks and a bridge section that’s not included in this video. Note that the sheet music I put together for this way back is pretty awful. It will get you in the ballpark, but it has a lot of mistakes. Feel free to give it a while until the full tutorial comes out!


Sheet Music

Audio Files


Funk Groove 2 in F, Rough

The original recording of Funk Groove 2 in F.