Perhaps you’re a young student, or you’ve only studied “traditional” written-out music, and you want to learn to improvise. It can be daunting! Where to start?! When I was younger, my uncle taught me this simple trick: If you can find a tasty funk or blues groove that’s mostly in E-flat, all of the black keys sound good. You can improvise to your heart’s content without worrying about chord changes or theory. It’s fun, and anyone can do it!

The black keys happen to form an E-flat minor pentatonic scale which is often the starting point (and cornerstone) of improvising over blues, funk and rock styles. Grab the downloadable loops here and give it a try! It’s great fun, and will help you get started down your journey to build your skills for more complicated improvs!


Sheet Music

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Anyone Can Improvise... if they know this trick

A simple trick to let anyone, regardless of knowledge or skill level, begin to improvise.